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Selling replacement garage door remotes online is unlike most other types of e-commerce. When people search for garage door remotes, they are generally only interested in one product. After all, you generally only own one garage door. So selling up, cross selling and adding wish-lists etc., simply don’t apply to this kind of service.

The very most I could possibly hope for is that you either purchase multiples, or perhaps, a new remote for your car as well as for your garage. So if this “one size fits all” e-commerce platform at times seems less than intuitive, that’s why, so please forgive me.

Speaking of cars, this is where NewRemotes actually began. I was a car alarm installer for 25 years or so. As the necessary eyesight began to fade and the knees and shoulders began to creak, I decided it was time for something else. So I built NewRemotes initially to sell replacement remote controls for car alarms and immobilisers.

These days, most new vehicles have genuine factory fitted alarm, immobilisers and keyless entry systems. Mostly, the new remotes and or keys have to be cut and programmed by a locksmith, there are very few DIY products out there now.

Although I still do sell replacement remotes for aftermarket car alarms and immobilisers, with the genuine keys and remotes I like to offer a “quote + voucher” service. This allows me to get you the best quote nearest to you and then sell you a voucher to have the work done, either at the Locksmiths premises or yours, whatever you need.

NewRemotes has grown now to include garage door remotes and this part of the business has proven to be far larger than the car remote market. With brands such as ATA, B&D and Merlin garage door remotes being in so many homes these days, and with the industry still hoping to sell you on site service just to program your new garage door remotes, the online sales of these easily DIY programmed spares is set to boom.

I aim to be a big part of this future supply chain.

In the meantime, I sincerely hope that you find what you’re looking for here within these pages and that the service you receive from me is sufficiently good to induce you to share me with your friends and family. My family thanks you.