With the benefit of over 20 years in the Security industry, NewRemotes.com.au has been created to provide ongoing support for owners of remote controlled garage doors and automatic gates.

We don’t believe that you aren’t capable of programming your own remotes as you need them. Most garage door companies do. Or rather, they’d simply prefer to charge you for an on site callout to do it for you and, while there, they may just find something else that needs attention ($$$). Now, while we agree completely with regular servicing and maintenance of your garage door, we just don’t think that because you washed your remote along with your jeans you all of a sudden need your door serviced.

You just need a new remote. Right?

This web service will provide a method of identifying your system, supplying user information about your system and supplying spare remotes for your system.
Please feel free to let us know about any other ways we may be able to help you. Feel free to make a comment below and if you think someone you know might be able to use our service please Like us on Facebook etc and Share, after all, everyone knows someone who could use a New Remote.