BOSS HT4 2211L-2 Garage Door Remote

As you will notice if you browse around this site long enough,  sometimes companies share the same garage door remotes and have them printed with their own brand. This is one of those occasions.

This BOSS garage door remote control has also been, in the past screen printed with various other brands. Centurion, Modern, Steel-Line, Guardian, Lynx etc. They are all the same remote.

This remote transmits on 303MHz and measures in at 70mm x 43mm x 14mm.

It will be delivered complete with battery and DIY programming instructions.
Postage via Australia Post regular mail service is free, but un-trackable and can be slow outside of capital cities. You can upgrade to Express post for $10.00 during Checkout if you wish.


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Is interchangeable with these other garage door remotes – BOSS HT4 2211L 1, 2 & 4 BUTTON – BOSS HT3 BLUE LED – CENTURION 2211L – GUARDIAN 2211L – GUARDIAN HT3 BLUE LED – LYNX 2211L – MODERN 2211L 1 & 2 BUTTON – STEEL-LINE 2211L 1, 2 & 4 BUTTON – STEEL-LINE HT3 BLUE LED

Will program to all these garage door openers – BRD1 – BRD2 – BRD3 – BRD4 – BRD9 – RD1 – RD2 – RD3 – RD4 – RD9 – BOL4 – BOL5 – BOL6 – BOL9 – OL4 – OL5 – OL6