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Automatic Gate Access Control Consulting

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately from people who live in gated complexes, either apartments or secure neighbourhoods.

It seems that there’s very little planning that goes into access control and very little communication between Strata Managers, Property Managers and Body Corporates.

The amount of times I get the photo of the gate motor and it doesn’t match the picture of the remote, or even match their neighbours remote is staggering.

And the numerous occasions I arrive on site to see if I can make heads or tails of their situation and find three and sometimes four different add on receivers poorly wired and stuffed into the ever decreasing space inside the motors housing, makes me wonder if any planning, or even the same contractor is ever used more than once. Or if the various managers even consult with one another as to who to use to source replacement remote controls for their residents.

NewRemotes Australia is Australia’s best first port of call for commercial property managers to “get your gates into gear” and start managing your tenants access requirements efficiently.

There’s only one of me, but I have a huge network of talented people all over the country who I can call on who will come out and take the headache away.

So don’t reach for the Nuromol, lol, call me on 1300725313 or email:

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Getting new garage door remotes is easy!

garage door remote repair

If you’ve ever lost, washed (oops!) or broken one of your garage door remotes, you’ll know it’s not just a simple matter of buying a new one. The first thing you do is call the company who installed it, or someone from the local newspaper trades section.

The phone call usually goes something like this…

You – “Um, hello, I’ve got one of your garage doors and I just washed my jeans with the clicker in my pocket. I know, silly me but, could I buy a new one from you?”

Them – “Oh dear, you washed your remote and now it doesn’t work, right? No problem. We can send a service man out for you, what’s your address?”

You – “Sorry, can’t you just send me one in the mail?”

Them – “Unfortunately, no. The new remote has to be programmed to your receiver. If you aren’t trained and authorised and you make a mistake with the procedure, you could wipe the memory from the whole system. You don’t want to risk that happening, do you?”

You – “I guess not…”

Them – “OK then, we’ll send someone out tomorrow.”

You – “How much is this likely to cost me?”

Them – “Well, the callout fee will be $….. and the remote control itself will set you back $….. While he’s there, we should really do a service on the door, how long has it been since it was serviced? That’s gonna cost about $….. and if he finds any broken parts then $……………”

So now you’re thinking, “It was all working fine this morning, all I did was washed my jeans and now I’m up for a service and probably new parts, grease, pay him to come out to me, what else is he going to find? I’ll have to clean the garage, it’s a mess. What next?”

You – “Thanks, but don’t worry about it for now, I’ll use my partners clicker for the time being. I’ll give you a call back when I’m ready.”

So now you go looking online and you Google “garage door remotes”. Excellent! You find… “easy to follow DIY programming instructions and free delivery Australia wide” CLICK

What the Pro’s won’t tell you is that programming a new remote control to your garage door is, in 99 per cent of cases, easy peasy! Why won’t they tell you? Because they make bucket loads of money by selling you services you don’t need on top of the price of the remote. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, all you need to do is press the “Learn” button on the motor and then press the button on the new remote control. Most motors use a variation on that exact theme. They ARE actually designed to be USER PROGRAMMABLE!

So now all you need is to find the best price for the remote you need, right?

Lucky you found us…