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The TKS01 was one of the nastier TK immobilisers out there. The first series override method was what we call 30 minute timeout. This meant that when your key was lost, stolen or broken, you had to turn on your ignition key and wait 30-40 minutes for the system to “time out”. How convenient! The next generation had a PIN override. Yay! Problem was that all the PIN’s were the same (programmers birth date). How clever! How secure! The dashboard recepticle was also poorly designed and the docking of the key never really felt secure. To make matters worse, programming DIY is not encouraged as a mistake will render the newly purchased key unuseable!

Best bet, if you have one of these, get it pulled out and replaced, it will save certain tears. All this said, we will still sell you a replacement key if you need one, but we would strongly recommend taking it with your car to an approved installer to have it programmed.