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 When you need a replacement remote control or just a spare for your Car Alarm or Immobiliser, this is the place to be. We supply Garage Door Remotes also, as well as replacement remotes for your Automatic Gate too. In many cases, we can set up all three on the one remote control if this would suit or be more convenient for you. That will of course, require a visit to your home/office/complex to determine your requirements.

With the benefit of over 20 years in the Automotive Security industry, NewRemotes.com.au has been created to provide access to replacement remote controls and other engine immobiliser keys, whether they be Genuine or Aftermarket.

Thousands of used cars are sold every week and most of these will have had some sort of car alarm, immobiliser or keyless entry system installed.

The majority of these will be handed over with only one remote control (touchkey, transponder tag etc.) and no record of the supplier, installer, user instructions or override information.

Similarly, many of you will have recently bought or are renting a new Home, complete with an Automatic Garage Door and/or Automatic Gate. We can also provide for your replacement remote controls for these also. The Garage Door Companies will hesitate, or sometimes refuse outright, to sell you a replacement remote without an expensive service being carried out as a part of the deal and while we never suggest that the regular servicing of your Garage Door not be kept up to date, sometimes it’s simply not necessary at the time you require a NewRemote.

We have decided also, to get into the TV Remotes market. We noticed that many of you were leaving not having found what you were looking for. Well, if some of you wanted replacement remotes for your TV, Set Top Box, DVD/Blu-Ray Player, even your Air Conditioner and we turned you away before, not anymore. We will be providing top quality Universal Remotes (and some genuine) for very decent prices 😉

As always, if your particular remote control doesn’t appear on our pages anywhere, please take a photo of it (as clearly as possible, I get some shockers…) and send it to us via the Support link in the top menu.



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